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Wash & Care Guide for Your doodle-moosh T-shirt

T-shirts are our passion and we’re even more passionate about making your favourite doodle-moosh tee last as long as possible. Here are 4 simple tips to give your t-shirts a longer life while being kinder to the planet too!


It’s ok to get more than one wear out of a t-shirt before it goes into the laundry basket. Unless your little one has been channelling their inner Jackson Pollock with spaghetti sauce and there aren't any significant marks, it's ok to wear it again! 


Always wash inside out at 30°C (or cooler). Our customers tell us their doodle-moosh t-shirts don’t lose shape or colour after multiple washes. Isn't that cool? We recommend washing them in a low temperature and inside out to preserve the shape, colour, and design. Washing with cooler water means lower energy to heat water, lower water and electricity usage which means lower bills too! Protects the pennies and the environment.


We say this with love, please don’t tumble dry doodle-moosh t-shirts. Overtime, tumble drying wears out fabric creating holes and tears and gradually causing shrinkage. Instead, opt to air dry, which is kinder to the fabric and also saves energy and electricity (saving those pennies). Air drying also means you don’t have to iron out creases (saving more electricity!) If you’re drying outside, make sure to turn your t-shirts inside out and avoid direct sunlight to reduce the chance of fading. In short, air drying is good for your t-shirts, your purse and the environment! 


If you have the time to iron, always avoid ironing over the print. We recommend turning your t-shirt inside out, using a low setting and placing a cloth over the print when ironing and using the steam. We don’t always have the time to iron, but it does make our t-shirts even softer!

Make your wardrobe sustainable by loving your clothes more!