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5 great ways for kids to wear t-shirts when it's cold

Okay, so the weather is getting colder and wetter, but it doesn't mean storing away your kids' t-shirts. Children would still rather wear a t-shirt than a stuffy jumper. Unless you’re in a dangerously cold environment, they can still wear their favourite tee this winter. Good quality t-shirts will last longer and wearing them all year round is also good for the environment. The most eco-friendly impact you can make is to wear clothes until worn out!

T-shirt, what is it good for?

T-shirts are brilliant. They're comfortable for playtime and practical for messes (paint, clay, mud!). Don't abandon them after summer just because it's cold outside. Look around any park and playground in the winter and you’ll see kids running around as if it was summer. How many battles have you had trying to get your kid to wear a coat only for them to exclaim “I’m boiling!”? Let's face it, children are too busy running and jumping around to feel the cold in the same way that us adults do! We have listed five great tips on how your little ones can wear their favourite t-shirt in winter.

Keep it simple, use layers!

1. Outwear layer

Layer your favourite doodle-moosh tee with a full zip sweater or hoodie. The zip opening is for an easy and quick removal in the playground if they get too hot!

Wearing a zip hoodie over t-shirt

2. Base layer

A timeless way for kids to wear their t-shirts in colder weather is to use long sleeve t-shirts as a base layer. A plain white one will work with any t-shirt, but you can make it fun by mixing up colours (mustard long sleeve under red tee) or even patterns (stripey long sleeve under tee).

Wearing long sleeve top under t-shirt

 3. Flannel shirt

The flannel shirt worn over a t-shirt is a classic combo. Worn with buttons undone for playtime or buttoned up to retain body heat if needed. Either way, the shirt can be quickly removed for more running, jumping and climbing time!

 Wearing flannel shirt over t-shirtPhoto © Yulia Raneva

4. Jackets & coats

If you can get your child to wear a coat or jacket - puffers, fleece tops (with front zip) and quilted gilets are a great way to keep your little ones warm. Plus, they’re easy to throw on in a hurry and easy to throw off when too hot!

Wearing puffer jacket over t-shirt

5. Underwear

Invest in quality under garments such as thermal vests. Wearing a vest under a t-shirt will keep your child’s core warmer giving you a peace of mind!

Wearing a warm vest under t-shirts in winter will give you a peace of mind



Just remember that, when playing, kids need a quick exit out of their hot clothes, so ensure the top layers have front zips or snap fasteners. Invest in quality seasonal t-shirts. Winter ones are made from thicker fabric (check for a higher GSM). Not only will it keep your child warm, but they're more durable too.

T-shirts are fun to wear all year round, so get creative on how they can be worn in colder weather. Pop over to our website now and explore our shop of colourful  and organic kids t-shirts! Or, you can take the well-trodden route of piling on the hat, gloves and scarfs only for you to end up carrying them!